About Us


ASG ENTERTAINMENT (ASGE) was founded by some of the key senior management of the Allen Schwalb Group of Companies. The late Allen Schwalb and his predecessor Company Star Partners® provided co-financing in excess of $250 Million to 53 films in four co-joint ventures with Warner Bros and MGM/UA. Many of these film classics that are part of American film history received a total of 64 Academy Award nominations and won 16 Academy Awards, including at least one from every major category. In one year, four of the five films nominated for Best Musical Score were films co-financed by Star Partners®. Also, every year, for six consecutive years, a film that Star Partners® co-financed was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture of the year, totaling six Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, including The Right Stuff, The Color Purple, The Mission, Moonstruck, and the winning film Rain Man.

ASG Entertainment (ASGE) is a uniquely integrated company that offers a wide range of services to the Sports and Entertainment industries. ASGE uses a combination of Film, Television, Sports, Music, Predictive Technology, and Tax Advantages with low infrastructure and product cost basis to produce multiple revenue streams that can be highly profitable, with safety coming from diversity. ASGE’s subsidiaries include, ASGE Aspire, our film and television division, ASGE Analytics, ASGE King Music and ASGE Sports. In addition to creating and producing its own proprietary film and television content, ASGE will align with, invest in, acquire and accumulate a diversified portfolio of ownership interests in sports related businesses and companies in film, television projects, technology, and media.

ASGE ASPIRE, INC. (ASGA) is the Faith, Family and values-driven media content division of ASG Entertainment. ASGA endeavors to provide socially responsible film and television entertainment for the public. ASGA will not only develop and produce its own proprietary, values-driven media content but will also consider providing its services to select producers and production companies. These services can include production capital for selected projects, distribution and marketing services (digital distribution). ASGA will take advantage of the various Federal and State Tax Incentives that are available for film and television – presently most of our films will be produced in Louisiana and Georgia.

Aspire Films: ASGA films are moderately budgeted films, which is illustrative of ASGA’s risk mitigation model. ASGA has formed a relationship with Lisa Arnold of Check the Gate Productions, a Producer of God’s Not Dead and more recently the Director and Producer of the recently released feature film, Caged No More, a compelling film about Human Trafficking. ASGA has provided capital toward the P&A for Caged No More. ASGA has completed the production of the movie BorderCross and is now in post-production. ASGA is also providing Distribution services and marketing funds. ASGA has received a substantial equity position (30% +) in BorderCross and will be receiving a distribution fee (20%) along with interest (10%) on its marketing funds provided. We anticipate the release of BorderCross in late 2016. The film will be marketed through a combination of planned, localized charitable and media events in conjunction with various national and international distributors. Eventually, BorderCross will also be available for download on ASG Entertainment’s planned, Branded Channel. Additionally, ASGA anticipates effectuating several territorial pre-sales. We anticipate that in the future ASGA will structure numerous film projects in the form of distribution advances similar to our recently accomplished production of BorderCross. With this type of financing arrangement, we will endeavor to have ASGA participate at all levels of the exploitation revenue waterfall. ASGA will receive interest on its marketing funds, a distribution fee of approximately 20% and equity in the film at the commensurate level of its investment. ASGA currently has several other film concepts under consideration.

Aspire Television: ASGA will be providing executive production, production, marketing and distribution for the Legends and Lyrics television series. ASGE owns 10% of the show and has the option to purchase additional equity. ASGA in conjunction with Song Writers in the Round, LLC (SWITR), the majority owners of Legends and Lyrics, are working together to have Season 1 ready for broadcasting in the fall of 2016. Legends & Lyrics has eighteen (18) episodes already produced, as well as 200+ hours of footage, music content and interviews in the video library. Season 1, consisting of eight episodes, is produced and completed and we are in the process of facilitating synchronization rights for the songs to enable the show to be broadcast. ASGA has created and developed a proprietary television show currently entitled Night and Day. ASGA has received a preliminary financing commitment from Westbrook Capital for the financing of its proposed television show Night and Day – an action, adventure series patterned after the great mystery adventure stories and shows of the past – The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island and Murder She Wrote. To be produced in the coastal regions of NE Florida and SE Georgia, an area steeped in unsolved mysteries, Night and Day will feature suspense, mystery, buried treasure, pirates, sharks, ghosts, and crime solving by a diverse, intuitive group of teens using high-tech gadgets and many surprises along the way. ASGA has an association with a very reputable and successful toy and merchandising company to provide toy merchandising and licensing worldwide. ASGA is also working with some very notable production companies that will produce various Virtual Reality (VR) apps based on the characters and events from the show.

ASGE ANALYTICS, INC. (ASGX) ASGE Analytics (ASGX) will be providing completion services through Completion Rights Management (CRM) as well as various production services to the independent film and television community. The shrinking completion bond market, especially for low and mid-range budgets, and the steady increase in un-bonded, underfinanced non-studio independent productions, have created a low-risk investment opportunity for a business that not only provides finishing funds but also physically completes and delivers to distributors a finished film for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • Analyzing the screenplay’s profitability
  • Coordinating the analysis of the budget with the state approved auditors for determination of the estimated amount of the tax credits that may be earned by producing “The Movie” in Louisiana and Georgia
  • Arranging for a preliminary Letter of Intent (LOI) for the monetization and sale of the State Media Tax Credits”
  • Brokering earned Tax Credits
  • Arrangement and facilitation of the underwriting of insurance policy that will ensure the un-recouped principal investment in a film project (in the final planning stages)

ASGE KING MUSIC (ASGM) provides turnkey solutions to our selected music clients for Development, Production, and Promotion while creating a high industry standard and foundation to launch careers. Ronnie King, Founder of Ronnie King Music and co-founder of Ronnie King Entertainment is a Multi-Platinum, Diamond Certified, Oscar and Grammy Nominated producer, composer, arranger, musician and philanthropist. ASGE King Music offers a specialized development production and launch platform for placing clients at the professional level necessary to expand their visibility and elevate their careers to the next level. As an adjunct to the films and entertainment produced through ASGE Analytics and ASGE Aspire, ASGM will be a strong force in soundtrack album releases around the globe. ASGM provides in-house music supervision for films, in addition to releasing soundtracks and score albums for ASGA’s films and live events from original content, co-financed content, and TV shows. ASG Entertainment will negotiate international licensing agreements for its music assets and explore acquisitions of music libraries and music publishing catalogs. ASGE Sports provides a cross pollination opportunity for sports clients to create public playlists (before game listening) through unique partnerships ASG Entertainment is creating.

ASGE Sports, Inc. (ASGS) is the Professional Boutique Sports Agency Division of ASGE that intends to represent NBA and NFL players. One of the crucial elements and goals of ASGE Sports is to create a solid financial foundation by which our athlete clients can develop and prepare themselves for a second career after retirement from their athletic careers. ASGE Sports has aligned itself with several reputable Wealth Management firms, Whitford Holdings and Morgan Stanley to provide education, guidance and financial services to its athletes. ASGE Sports will provide contract negotiation services to professional sports team players as well as many other services, such as arranging for sponsorships, licensing, and appearance services.